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Регистратор Ecograph T RSG30

Регистратор Ecograph T RSG30
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  • Код: Ecograph T RSG30

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Регистратор Ecograph T RSG30
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Под заказ, 45 днейРегистратор Ecograph T RSG30
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  • +380443662423
  • +380443662423
  • +380443662662
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Display, record and communicate Ecograph T RSG30.

Product description

Display, record and communicate.

  • Informative: interim, daily, monthly and yearly analysis; counters, operation time and quantities; min-, max- and average value recording

  • Versatile: up to 6 universal inputs record all measuring signals
  • Clear layout: multi-coloured display, digital, bargraph and curve display
  • Compact: low installation depth, saves space and money
  • Safe: reliable data archiving with internal memory and separate CompactFlash card (mechanically locked). No data loss even in event of power failure!
  • System-enabled: network integration and remote data transmission via Ethernet, RS232/RS485 (modem) and USB
  • Available worldwide: integrated Web server function for remote monitoring
  • Reliable: inputs are galvanically isolated from the system
  • Complete: Readwin® 2000 PC software package contained in scope of supply for professional, tamper-proof data processing
  • Flexible: direct access to archived data also with MS® Excel, in ReadWin® 2000 or in the SQL based Field Data Manager Software (FDM) for example



Field of application

The instrument can be used in many processes and industries:

  • Quality and quantity monitoring in the water/wastewater industry
  • Monitoring of processes in power stations
  • Food and dairy industry processes
  • Displaying and recording critical parameters in production cycles
  • Tank and level monitoring
  • Temperature monitoring in metal working
  • Cold storage and transportation monitoring
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Производитель  Endress+Hauser
Страна производительШвейцария
Дополнительные характеристики
Measuring PrincipleElectronic Data Acquisition
Functionssignal analysis Interface / Modem OPC-Server ReadWin 2000 Ethernet Totalizer Mathematic
Maximal input6 analoge 3 digital
Maximal output4 Relay
InterfaceRS 232 RS 485 Ethernet USB
Storage/RecordingInternal memory External memory CF card
Displaycolour LC display
HousingPanel Table housing Field housing
Power supply100...230 V AC (+/-10%) 24V (-10%; +15%) AC/DC
CertificationUL rec. Comp CSA GP
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